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The fennec fox is a standout among fox species.

This species is uniquely adapted for life in a harsh desert setting, from its small size to its enormous ears.

Beautiful Places In The USA Where You Can See Foxes

Channel Islands National Park, California

If you have a fetish for taking photos of rare and endangered species, Channel Islands National Park is for you. A refuge for marine life, this island gets a lot of visitors around the world. Seals, ocean lions, whales and dolphins can all be seen in these waters. Channel Islands National Park bolsters just 4 local creatures: the island fox, the island deer mouse, the reap mouse and the spotted skunk. Both the fox and the deer mouse have developed into partitioned sub-species on every island. For that perfect shot of these amazing species, this park is a must-visit for you.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina

Acclaimed for its 1,500 occupant wild bears, this 522,400-section of land is one of only a couple of shelters for elk and white-tailed deer. The national park additionally has 30 assortments of lizard. It is home to several types of well-evolved creatures. Examples of the latter include raccoon, wildcat, two types of fox, waterway otter, woodchuck, beaver, two types of squirrel, opossum, coyote, white-followed deer, chipmunk, two types of skunk, and bats.

Places to Observe Foxes in the UK

Insh Marshes, Scottish Highlands

Considered to be one of the most important wetlands in Europe, Insh Marshes is home to foxes, lapwings, redshanks, curlews and row deer. This 10-kilometre stretch along the River Spey is a versatile and varied habitat.

Leigh Woods, Brandon Hill Nature Park, Bristol

Bristol is an increasingly popular place to live. A small city centre with a residential area, this vibrant conurbation is home to a thriving arts scene and is also spoilt for choice when it comes to great countryside. The Somerset Levels, Mendip Hills, Quantock Hills and the Cotswolds are all a short drive away, but there’s plenty to be found within the city itself too. Visitors will find foxes, spotted flycatchers, greenfinches and butterflies.

Howardian nature reserve and Cardiff Bay Wetlands, Cardiff

Just a mile and half from the centre of the Welsh Capital, the Howardian Local Nature Reserve is a tranquil oasis of wildflower meadows, ponds and reedbeds, filled with orchids and butterflies. There’s even a stream and waterfalls, hidden away in the woodland. 25,000 trees and shrubs have been planted to expand the coppices that already existed in the area. It all makes for special habitat covering 32 acres that is home to a magical menagerie of animals, including foxes, newts, dormice, voles, slow worms, shrew and frogs.

Learn About This Types of Foxes!

Arctic Fox

This fox has a roughly rounded shape to preserve body heat and its length ranges between 46 and 68 cm. Seabirds, waterfowls, voles, lemmings, fish, etc., constitute the prey of this species.

Cape Fox

Also known as the silver-backed or cama fox, the Cape Fox (Vulpes Chama) lives in the open country habitats of Southern Africa with significant populations in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. The fox has a black-tipped tail and a silver-grey fur with yellow sides and ventral parts. The nocturnal Cape fox is an omnivorous species which feeds on fruits, insects, small mammals, and birds.

Corsac Fox

The Corsac Fox (Vulpes Corsac) lives in the Central Asian deserts and steppes with some populations living as far east as northeastern China and Mongolia. The animals tend to avoid dense forested or mountainous landscapes as well as true deserts and snowfields. The medium-sized fox has yellowish to grey fur with a paler ventral surface.

Gray Fox

The grey fox, which lives throughout North America, is distinguished by its “salt-and-pepper” upper coat and black-tipped tail. This fox is one of the few canids capable of climbing trees.

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